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May 22, 2010 · 0 comments

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Hey Lovelies,

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend — long weekend for those who live in Canada. I’m working the whole way, but I’m not complaining! Work is good. Work is really good.

I hope the little critters south of the border are doing alright, news about the Gulf Coast oil spill is getting grimmer and grimmer. I read one post that it may affect as far north as the Arctic?! Whoa! Hopefully someone out there will come up with oil alternatives that are very earth friendly.

Anyway, I am so itching to take some photos of my new products already, but (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!) my camera is nowere to be found… again. Seriously that thing has legs because it disappears when I plan on using it.

More beauty posts are coming soon as well as photos. Also, I’m still working on the links section. Thanks for your patience!


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