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…is what I call my mom. Well, it’s more like “Maaaaaaa!” nowadays. Like, “Maaaa, where’s my purse?” or “Maaaaa, can we go now??”. We tend to butt heads sometimes over the most trivial stuff, but, as I approach my thirties, my mom has become more of a friend. A confidant. Someone I know will always give me sound advice if ever I need it.

Back when I was a kid I used to imitate everything she did. I remember getting my grubby little hands in her makeup stash and applying her Revlon Copperglaze Something (I can’t remember) on my lips with the same reckless abandon that I had when it came to doing colouring books (i.e. I didn’t care to stay within the lines). I used her perfume (Helloooo, Lauren) and her Aqua Net until my hair crunched.

When it came to skincare, my mom had a couple of favourites and Nivea was one of the mainstays in her skincare regimen. Bedtime was not bedtime until I caught a whiff of Nivea Creme. It was thick and gloppy and man did it moisturize well. And, yes, the tin of Nivea Creme did not go unsullied by me. Actually, come to think of it, my first ever own moisturizer was the Creme which she had bought for me in my early teens! We use it infrequently nowadays, but it still holds prime real estate in our bathroom counters. I guess it’s just one of those things that will remain a constant in our lives.

What about you? Does Nivea Creme evoke strong childhood memories for you as well? Share your story with Nivea on Facebook at a chance to win one of 15,000 tubs of Nivea Creme in celebration of the main woman in our lives! Good luck, guys!

Recently bought a second hand prim lens (yes, another one! I’m completely obsessed) from a local wedding photographer. I am totally head over heels in love with it, you guys!


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So, are you all bundled up in cozy sweaters in celebration of National Sweater Day?? I’ve never actually done an #OOTD post (that’s outfit of the day for those of you have been living under a rock) before and what better timing than this, right?

Lately, I’ve been on a huge J.Crew binge lately and it seems like most of my sweaters have some kitschy motif on it, whether it be a French Bulldog, a pear, elbow patches, or a HUGE lopsided heart. I just cannot get enough of ‘em!

Outfit: Faux Leather leggings by {Wilfred Free}, Beanie {American Apparel}, Sweater {J.Crew}, Polka dot button up {J.Crew}, old and beaten up watch {Timex}.